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Imagined Worlds [entries|friends|calendar]
x .: living in the beauty of Imagination :. x

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blank page girl zine [07 Dec 2006|10:17am]

for free

^____________^ just ask if interested, more details at the community with the same name,read on my profile:o)

Blessed be!
via email of course, as I am  a totally broke artist / poetic writer.

if you want to know more about what is this zine made of go to my profile. I'd say it's rather for girls & it's a perzine so very personal ;oP

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oops. I keep forgetting this place exists....... new music. [23 Oct 2006|12:28pm]

IvoryCollapse )


Heaven HidesCollapse )

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Intro and Request [12 Jul 2006|11:07pm]

Hello all! I'm new to the community and would like to introduce myself and, while I'm at it, throw out a request, which I hope is alright to do in this community. My name is Ash and I am a grad student. I've just recently settled on an area to focus my thesis, which will be dealing with retellings of fairytales, mainly in the young adult sector. I've got a nice list but I thought I would throw out the question, do you know of any others? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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Holy Spring Break Batman! [18 Apr 2006|10:37pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

^___^ Hello everyone! I've been crafting...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Crafty Goodness!!Collapse )

^__^ Have a wonderful week everyone!


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I couldn't wait!!!! [12 Apr 2006|02:59am]

[ mood | creative ]

OK!!!!!    lol   I have finished my first work from the prompt.  I couldn't wait until the end of the month for it.  It's really cheesy, and really shows that I'm an amateur when it comes to working on the computer.  I'm really proud of it.  

I love it!!!

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a writing from my shy soul,might be publish in a zine I have sent it for:) [11 Apr 2006|08:24pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I was in a small box. I can't remember why they put me inside it, maybe it was my time, my hour of glory.There was my name on it, I felt special and nobody could take my place this time.Though it was narrow & dark I could see more and beyond. It was my own box, my own place.Anyway I didn't like being outside so for the first time of my life I felt I belonged. I belonged to something immense beyond understanding & it made me smile like a ten years old child. I was intoxicated with innocence & I even had to refrain from giggling but I'd never felt this way before. And all of a sudden like a jack in the box, a torrential sunbeam rain came out of my body. This was it what you all want to know.

magical blessings everyone:)

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idea? [11 Apr 2006|12:08pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

I read in a comment a bit ago about something possibly being a writing prompt. THat gave me the idea. How about a monthly prompt, that would not limit itself to writing? Is that something that everyone here might like to do? Prompts sometimes help seed ideas for motivation. Anything can be done with the prompts. Writing, songs, poetry, sculpting, painting, absolutely anything. I'm interested in seeing what can be done with a month between prompts?

So, if anyone is interested, reply in the comments, and we'll see who gets involved so we can look forward to their results.

Here's a first prompt for April then.

-Butterflies and Waterfalls of Imagined Worlds-

it is of course, inspired by the creative talents of Helen.

Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks!

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The Day Before My Birthday... [10 Apr 2006|08:06pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I made a crown...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Some More...Collapse )

Have a wonderful week!

<3 Candice

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Another song :) [09 Apr 2006|06:53pm]

This song honestly wrote itself, it took me only a couple of hours! And the recording went so smoothly, I couldn't believe it! :) Ehe. Never mind that I was supposed to be doing an essay =\

Anyway... xD

This is totally, totally different from the last one I posted. It's a sweet and simple piano + voice song.

Over The Waterfalls

LyricsCollapse )

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Muuuuusic! [07 Apr 2006|11:31pm]

I finished this song today! And ohmygosh I am so sleep-deprived and have hardly eaten today but I'm soooo happy it's complete... it's one of those things that came out just as it was supposed to! *euphoric squeeglee*

Well, I don't know if you'll like it, but it's kind of moody and dreamy and it's about a girl who is a fae butterfly, and nobody knows it.. and she's a human on the outside but she has all these universes inside her. (hee, maybe it sounds silly but it's a serious song full of dark and light and in-between I guess..)

MP3 download link (4.7 MB)

Lyrics.Collapse )

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torn [04 Apr 2006|10:39pm]

how would u feel knowing that the one who has caused you so much pain (which by the way, happens to be your great love) will never be truly happy because of you?

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[30 Mar 2006|11:15pm]

I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him (Washington)

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A story that I dug up from the grave... xD [29 Mar 2006|11:17am]

[ mood | eek my feet have gone numb! ]

So I was going through all the stuff on my removable hard drive (the dumping ground for all the junk that I accumulate over the years) and I found a folder full of stories I'd written about 5 years ago. xD - It took a while even to open the cursed things, because I used to have this obsession with password-protecting everything just for the fun of it, and I couldn't remember the passwords ;)

But yes, I finally got in, and it was quite nostalgic reading through. It's not exactly great writing but I thought I'd share it with anybody who wants to read, anyway. It has its charms. Ehe...

This particular story is called The Bells of Indrith and I really can't remember the whole plot but it's sort of about witches and telepathic wolves. Uh huh. It's a bit pants, but ummm never mind(!)

Oh and I was very much into strange and confusing prologues at the time. Yes..
Ooh and Fryn was originally called 'Rinoa', which I nicked from FF8 :P (And you might notice that as a character she is sort of physically based on me. But physically only. That's as far as the similarity goes!)

So anyway, for now I bring you chapter 1, plus strange confusing prologue. o_O


The scene was one of devastation.Collapse )

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Lots of Things... [28 Mar 2006|08:42pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I have lots to show today ^__^

I made more collage...card...things....


I'm designing my own deck of cards...it's my BIG long term pet project. I have...6/52 done. O_o

Lot's Of Stuff! Beware....Collapse )

^__^ Have a wonderful day!

<3 Candice

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Samples... [27 Mar 2006|01:53am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Here's just a few scrap samples of some stories, and quotes that are some of my favorite... 

Now for a fantasy story sample about a fostering of a sidhe child of the Morrigan, and in the household of Hekate, and her two young titan children...

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Hi [26 Mar 2006|03:47am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi, my name's Adam, although I go by Typhon MacMoryn. I'm 25, and live in Davenport, Iowa. I am predominantly a writer, and sometimes I like to draw some. Currently, I am writing a series of novels, and have great hopes that the first book will be published, self-published actually, in mid to late June. June 26th will the 10th anniversary of the book since I started writing it. Alot of sweat, blood, and tears went into it's making. I even lost a few friends in it's making, long story about that. I love music, but have no innate talent to make my own nowadays. I once wrote a song for the electric organ that was my mom's but that was many years ago, and I don't remember how to play. :(   I also LOVE taking photos of absolutely everything.  Photography was once a big dream for me. 
I am in a craze over anime currently, having found Juuni Kokki(The Twelve Kingdoms) as my all time favorite anime series, and I absolutely love Hayao Miyazaki, and his limitless talent. I loved Howl's Moving Castle as a book, and now as an anime.  I also am a GREAT fan of Doctor Who.  I've watched it since I was very young, and now own many of the episodes on DVD.  My friends however shout from the rooftops about my nerdy fandom of Doctor Who.  Is it wrong to love it not only for it's cheesiness, but for the brilliant plots and mechanics incited into the show?  
I secretly covet a few SNES video games, namely Chronotrigger, FF6(FF3 in America), and Zelda: A Link to the Past. I follow OCRemix alot now, so I have found many other games I would love to play, if not only for the music.
I figured I might post a couple of my poems, and see what anyone thinks. I have always felt that my writings were not very good, but many tell me to keep writing. So I do. It makes me happy. Here goes:

I'm super excited to join this community, and hope that I meet lots of creative people, and new friends. 

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An Introduction... [24 Mar 2006|09:35pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

-bows- Hello. ^__^

I've been lurking about for awhile and decided perhaps I should say hi...

My name is Candice and I'm 16 from West Virginia. I tend to live in a world of my own...but I'm happy there. ^__^

Image hosting by Photobucket

Music defines my world. I would love to sing but was not gifted with the talent. I play the clarinet and compose music on a program called Finale 2003, which creates midi files but still... :-/
Music is my inspiration. Certain songs make my soul want to take flight, and alot of times it's hard to keep it on the ground. Songs like Steven Cravis' piano arrangement "Through the Kaleidoscope" and the instrumental version of "Yasashi Yoake" by See-Saw are too big ones. Of course, songs can have words too... ^__^ "The Mystic's Dream" by Loreena McKennett is amazing.

Drawing is my passion. It's my mode of expression. I'm not a great artist but that's okay. ^__^ I write as well but not as often...as I tend to be alittle self conscience about my writing...and I find the world alittle harder to describe.

What I draw varies depending on several things...I have a slight obsession with Bumblebees and Spiders (just so long as they don't touch me...^__^) and tend to draw odd things with them sometimes...

I hope I don't scare anyone with my random quirky drawings or my oddness in general... O_o My appologies in advance if I do...

Here are a few of my creations...I have more on my website (everlastingmelody.mirrorz.com) but I've been negleting to update it... ~__~ My Music is there as well...

'Reality can be beaten with enough Imagination'Collapse )

I'm glad to be a part of this community. ^__^

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

<3 Candice

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moon [25 Mar 2006|09:06am]

and i could stare
at the mooon
for hours,
for it doesn't
have the blinding light
the sun has,
nor the irritating twinkle
the stars possess...

they call me lunatic,
but i do not mind.

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wet dreams [25 Mar 2006|02:33am]

wet dreams

amidst teh dusty floors and smelly covers
i think of you and slowly, i begin to touch myself
i know it's wrong but it feels so right
bodies breatyhing heavily, souls in flight
why must such pleasure be tainted with sin
maybe because such ecstasy lives only in dreams

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bernard [25 Mar 2006|02:21am]

and there i was
staring back at the most
loving eyes i've seen
years of dreaming
summarized in just one gaze.

he took my hand
and led me to the
paradise i've always

yet in my heart
i know,
i'd rather be
in hell,
with you...

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